Math Video Posts 1: Geometry


Welcome to my first MATH, VIDEO POST!!!! (~CREATED BY PowToon). This is …… like 7th grade geometry which deals with triangles, parallel lines & transversals, which are lines intersecting parallel lines. The worksheet also deals with algebra and geometric properties.

Let’s watch a small clip (made by me):

One thing I forgot to say is about the external angle theorem of the triangles.

If you have a triangle and there is an external angle for it, and you want to find the value of that, what you do is, you must add up the 2 angles other than the vertex of that external angle and you have exactly the magnitude of it. This is because, that external angle is the supplement of the angle of the triangle it is touching. According to the angle sum property, The supplement of that angle will be also equal to the sum of the other two angles, so, you have your answer.

SO, We have some questionzzzzz!~!!

GEOMETRY Q,s ( click on the link )

Hope you enjoy the content!