Science Video Posts:1


Welcome to my FIRST, EVER, VIDEO POST in the blog. Today, we are gonna discuss about what happens to our food in the body.

Now, we know that there are 5 steps involved in the breakdown of food in the body-

1. Ingestion

2. Assimilation (use of simple substances to build complex substances)

3. Digestion

4. Absorption (of nutrients)

5. Egestion (waste removal)

Now, we discuss in this short 5 minute presentation, how food in human is digested.

If you have seen this video, you must wonder that how other animals like cow or even bacteria, digest their food? Well, if you want to know more, check this video on amoeba phagocytosis and rumination.


HOTS Question

1. It is known that cold water or holding your breath is a very good remedy for preventing hiccups. How?

2. Mosquitoes spread many diseases. Among them, one of the diseases is spreaded by something. Which?

3. Why does mucus line your nose when sneezing?

4. What has peristalsis got to do with food movement?

5. RESEARCH Q: Why can’t human saliva digest cellulose easily?


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