Science Video Post: Chemically safe

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WELCOME BACK!! After coming back from India, this is my first post I’m going to do. It is all about how to be chemically safe from certain chemicals that we can come in contact with by food, air, or wounds. But these can be only too harmful if taken in very high doses.

July 2015: If you didn’t know that you shouldn’t wear too much gold when you have injuries, make it a practice for you & everyone by spreading this word!!!! It has been a big controversy about Maggi in India. BUT, Why does the FSSAI (Food Safety Society Authority of India) think that the BIGGEST, MOST FAVORITE Snack of the country is dangerous? Read the story below……

It all started in the state of Uttar Pradesh in North India in Barabanki where an officer of the Food & Drug Administration rised suspicions and test dozens of Maggi samples at the central laboratory, Kolkata & state laboratory at Gorakhpur. Gorakhpur laboratory supported Maggi and tried to prove that there was no MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) but it found that there were 17.2 parts/million which was 17 times higher than the normal MSG intake. Maggi also exceeded in the lead amount which exceeded the permissible amount of 2.5 ppm.

Even after so much of controversy, as of August 2015, most of the eastern states of India neglect this controversy while some states are testing and most are banned.

Lead (Pb-Plumbum) is a substance found in pencil nib,etc. It is very dangerous if taken in large amounts. Many small children have the habit of ingesting the pencil nib. If you see any small children eating pencil nibs, please stop them, because the treatment can be very costly and the medicine is really very dangerous.

To learn more about food poisoning, watch the video.

HOTS Questions

  1. How do you get exposed to chemicals like-

a) Gold

b) Lewisite

c) Copper

d) Iron

2. Uranium was a chemical that we couldn’t talk about. Learn situations from the famous Hiroshima bombing, Iraq war (2004) &             the Polygon laid by the Soviet in Kazakhstan. These areas have people with genetic defects. Learn also about the side effect caused         by Uranium.